Great new device

After a few really interesting recent trips I decided to continue my blog!

On our latest trip to Inonesia, a few weeks ago, we have tested an innovative device from a German start up company. With this Buddy Watcher on your wrist, you can call your buddy under water or even snorkeling any time you want to get his attention. And this great thing works indeed within a distance of up to 50 meter (150 feet)!!!

So you will never miss the whaleshark behind you again 😉


The other good thing we found out: as it works with ultrasound, you also get attention of sharks! They will be arround more frequently than without this device. But dont be afraid, they are just interested but most of the time dont come very much closer.


If you are interested, you will find a link to „Buddy Watcher“ on my link-list.

If you order this device, please enter „uw-photos“ as „Gutschein-Nummer“!!! – Thanks!



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